Thursday, January 21, 2016

How To Level And Stabilize Your Tiny House

Level side to side from front to back

You can use a set of RV leveling blocks 

or you can choose to go with the wood stacking method. 

Once you are level from side to side and any wheel adjustments have been made, You move on to the front to back adjustment and find level there. 

If you are level from front to back then why does the trailer rock back and forth?

Don't forget to stabilize your Tiny House

Stabilizer jacks will definitely make things solid 

Scissor jack: These are often welded onto the corners of the trailer. Permanently mounted scissor jacks bolt or weld on to the RV’s frame and are just hand-cranked until firm.

Stack jack. Shaped like a triangle these heavy duty jacks allow for support in many areas. There is a bit of manual labor to this method.

Set your jacks down until they are firm on the ground and then add any stabilizers you feel necessary

Friday, January 15, 2016

"Mountaineer" Tiny House For Sale

The Mountaineer Tiny House


The "Mountaineer" model features standard complete items plus numerous upgraded items including, but not limited to: Custom glass front door, double dormers, 2 lofts: 1 king and 1 queen size loft sleeping areas with built-in stairs to the queen sized loft with storage drawers, kitchen pantry shelving, spice racks, upgraded reclaimed chestnut Bruce 50-yr flooring with cork underlayment, granite counter tops, Denver hickory cabinets, True Induction energy efficient double burner cook-top, custom light fixtures including custom chandelier, wall sconces and much more!
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Financing is available through Peoples Community Bank for residents of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina and West Virginia.
**All loans subject to credit approval.  Peoples Community Bank:  (540)371-6889

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Tiny House Movement is here! 

Some of you may be wondering, What is a "Tiny House"?  

     The tiny house idea originated out west and we at Tiny House Building Company have brought the concept to the east coast.
A tiny house has all of the necessities of a single family home, including a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and anywhere
from one to three bedrooms. The home is smaller than most traditional homes, ranging between 100-400 square feet.
The advantage of having a tiny house vs a single family home is that you don't pay real estate taxes, only personal property depending on where you are located in the United States. 

But wait! It gets better! If you decide to have an "off the grid"
tiny home, then you don't have any utility bills either.
All of the necessities of a single family home for an affordable price! Cut your expenses, downsize, and live a debt free lifestyle. The best part is you can take your home anywhere at any given time, as all of the tiny homes that we build are mobile.
With so many great designs, you too can start
building the tiny home of your dreams.

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