Monday, December 31, 2018


How's it going, tiny house enthusiasts? Today I wanted to discuss our NEW WEBSITE! For several weeks, we have been working incredibly hard with our IT department to come up with a super functional, more user-friendly website for our clients and prospective buyers. We finally launched it last week! We have a few things that we have been tweaking here and there but for the most part, it's pretty perfect. Today I am going to walk you through the features of our new site that I think have changed the most from our previous site. 
First Thing I want to tell you guys is that this site is almost entirely on ONE page. This is a feature that is incredibly useful and super user-friendly.

CUSTOM QUOTES  were something that we found users could not find easily when navigating our previous site. It is now the FIRST thing you see when going to

Scrolling down on the main page brings you to six tabs to click on. Please note a few features with those tabs: 1) Financing- we have a few financing options available now, one of which you can apply for directly through our site! 
2)  Photo Gallery- view photos of our most popular builds! 
3) Frequently Asked Questions- Have tiny house questions? You can always give us a call or shoot us an email. However, if you go to this tab, you can see if we've answered that question before! 
4)  Appointment Request- Please submit your request for an appointment here as we only schedule them through that link! 
5) Trailers and Plans- Are you a DIY'er? Get our plans and trailers with this tab.
6) Shop tiny- This tab takes you directly to our ebay store to buy merchandise. 

Scroll down and you'll find ALL of our models and prices for each. Keep in mind the prices are based on specific features in the specific models. 

After you get past all of our BEAUTIFUL models, you'll come to a location with a few things going on. First, you can see some client reviews. Then, you'll come to a place to meet some of us! Our IT department and guys that work in the shop didn't want their photos taken. :( BONUS FEATURE: You can now click under our names and send us a direct email!  

Scroll to the bottom and you'll see how to get in touch with us along with our social media links and RVIA and NADA links.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Unwinding after the Holidays

Unwinding after the Holidays

Well, the rush of Christmas is now over! No wrapping presents again until next year:) It seems like there is such a rush and people are all over the place this time of year. And now, were in that weird place between Christmas and New Years where you feel like you just want to do absolutely NOTHING but you still have to go to work for a few days. Here are a few tips on getting back into the groove of things after the holidays:

  • Get to bed early and get all the sleep you can!  After a few days of being off, your body is used to going to sleep later and sleeping in later. You're going to be hating life when you have to get up early to go into work! Get yourself ready for bed early and read a book or watch a movie in bed. Even just getting into bed early will have you thanking previous you for doing so. 
  • Stop for coffee before work!  Treat yo'self before getting into work. Stop for that Starbucks drink or get that Chick-Fil-A breakfast!  
  • Get in and do things that aren't going to make you go crazy first thing  Have some emails that need to be responded to? Sip your coffee and respond to emails. Organize your messy desk to get things in their places so you don't feel so cluttered. Cluttered desk= cluttered and stressed mind. 
  • Take your breaks by YOURSELF!  Go to lunch alone! 

Get home and get on the couch to snuggle up with that blanket you got for Christmas and turn on a good ol' tiny house show! I PROMISE it'll take your mind off of things! 

Friday, December 14, 2018


• 40’ long x 8.5’ wide Gooseneck
• Approximately 425 sf
• Custom kitchen cabinetry with quartz counters
• Custom tile backsplash
• Farm sink
• Refrigerator with water / ice dispenser
• Dishwasher
• Propane stove with exhaust hood
• Propane on-demand water heater
• Large soaking tub, custom vanity
• Standard flush toilet
• Washer / dryer combo
• Upgraded siding
• 3 sleeping / storage lofts with built-in storage
• Custom hide-away storage staircase
• Electric split-unit heating / ac

            WELCOME HOME! This home has everything you can think of.                                            Take a virtual tour today! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

2018 in Review

Our 2018 in Review 

Hi everyone! WOW! What an incredible year we've had! We have stayed consistently busy every single day this year. I know we've been a little MIA on our blog, but in today's post I am going to highlight a few events and deliveries that have made our year. I hope you enjoy!  

January 2018 

We went to quite a few shows this year! We started January out at the Virginia Home Show in Doswell, VA. At this weekend event, we featured three homes... two of which had NEVER before been seen! One of the new homes we introduced at this show, The Laurel, actually sold the DAY BEFORE the show! We met many people, caught up with lots of fans that have come to a few of our past events, and met a couple who are now clients!
People waiting in lines to tour homes

Jessica is a sucker for pups! She LOVED this shepherd that came into the Georgia! 

Lauren had to take a picture with this tiny house fan... why? Because of the shirts! 

Convoy of tinies getting off at the Doswell exit to get into the Meadow Event Park for the show.

March 2018

This March, we found ourselves back at the Meadow Event Park for the Mid-Atlantic RV Expo. This was the first RV event that we had ever attended with our tiny homes! We took three models: The Kate, The Ascot, and The Mountaineer. This event was COLD! We had a great time touring folks of the homes as well as educating those who weren't sure of the differences between tiny homes and campers. During the event, Kris was interviewed for the news as well as a project that some Virginia Tech students were doing.

During March we were also finishing up some custom homes for our clients. One of our FAVORITE builds, The Olivia, was getting much of it's finishing touches so we could get our sweet clients in their home! 

April 2018

April was strictly work. No events, other than one open house. We typically start our open houses in the spring, and end in the fall. We got a TON of work done this month, and got our clients into their home! April 13 we delivered The Olivia. (Fun fact- we named this home after our clients sweet daughter! She is the cutest!) Charles, Danny, and the rest of our guys did an awesome job with this home. We are so happy with how it turned out!!!

See more pictures here: The Olivia 

May 2018

We had a HUGE event this month! We took FIVE ( yes, you read that right) homes to the Fredericksburg Expo Center for Virginia's first Tiny House Expo. We took The Alpine, The Harbor, The Kate, The Mountaineer, and The Ascot. We got to meet and interact with so many other tiny home builders as well as showcase our homes. 

Did I mention we had the BIGGEST display at the show? 

May 31st we delivered our "Willow II" model. This was a SUPER EASY delivery! Short drive, easy set-up, and awesome client! 

June, July, August, and September 2018

These months were steady work as well. We had one open house each of those months. We did, however, have multiple deliveries over these 4 months! I'll share a select few of those pictures. 

November 2018 

We started a the second season of Tiny House on Radio! We also had a client come to pick up their tiny home. 

December 2018 

Welcome, December! We have only made it less than half way through the month. However, we have already delivered one house, and have the next delivery scheduled for next Wednesday!

We have had an AMAZING and BLESSED year! We want to thank each and every one of our clients for letting us build your home. We could not have dreamed this year to be any better than it was to us. We know that next year will be even better! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.