Thursday, March 10, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

You have Questions, We have Answers

How Tall can you build a Tiny House? 

The width is 8.6 feet wide and 13.5 feet tall. However, 

Our company builds to a height of 13.3 feet tall. You can take 

the steps to getting permits to push these dimensions 

Who lives in a Tiny House? 

It depends on the person and their lifestyle. We build tiny houses 

for families with children and pets, and tiny houses for one person. 

These homes are great for young people, retirees, and anyone in 


Why does a Tiny House cost more per square foot? 

A Tiny house has all of the same systems as a regular house. These 

costs are distributed over 150 - 400 sq ft rather than 1800 - 3000 sq 

ft. It comes down to the scale of materials chosen. Because we 

build small, We can build better using the best materials and 

highest quality craftsmanship. 

Please comment below with questions you want answers to and we will answer those questions in another blog post. For more information on our tiny houses please visit our website at or give our office a call at (540)322-0355
Thank you!

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